drawing | tiny {"honey, i shrunk the wo{o}lf"}

my first tiny is effectively called TINY. in anglo-saxon countries her name is martine or emma (correct me if i'm wrong, i don't think she really hit it off overseas). like most of my mates back then, i was in love with tiny and her crew, and i wanted a birthday just like hers.

drawing | image {pandora's box}

the week was strange, filled with all sorts, and exhaustion creeps up on me this morning. nonetheless i'm pulling out stuff from under dust mites and share with you some images that never made it to an album. to all weekend players : thanks so much!

do you have shelf flowers in your cupboard, meaning old, unused stuff that wants out, but you never find the courage? because i have stuff and photos go strong in my closet.

drawing challenge NEW THEME | IMAGE

it's been a while, our weekend meetings across the globe. have we been distracted by an overwhelming surge of images? on many blogs i am reading of similar concern, to the point of an inevitable where are we now question.  

happy birthday patrice 12/08

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body's cracked, and so is this week's code : work ennobles. what you witness is a washstand in a further stage of definition by adding mosaic tiling, and a floor that is no longer carpeted bloodred but super smooth gray and washable. today i'm resting on my laurels.

corner view ~ twilight

the french have a romantic name for the phenomenon taking place before sunrise or after sunset, when for just ten minutes the sky and its surroundings take on a hazy colour of blue, hence its name l'heure bleue. always happy to catch that fleeting moment-in-twilight. 
jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, kelleyn's theme. 

corner view ~ overgrown

when left to its own devices long enough, the green of this world takes over. now, ain't that an harmonizing thought for the day? 
jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, mezza's theme.m

ik ben geen hollander, maar

the netherlands. flatlands on a sea of plenty. windmills. patrice and i traveled back from hamburg together and she was so kind to put me up for two more nights, before i would travel home. every single time i come to holland, i feel i should be here more often.

ich bin kein hamburger, aber

one very good thing about blogging is encountering the writers. i never thought blogging would lead me to places, and this summer it truly did. fortunately distances between bloggers in europe are manageable, if traveling does require a little adjusting to. there's a chunk o' travel coming up, but for now we're staying put in hamburg. 

zu hause, mit barbara

it is very nice indeed when one is invited into one’s home. barbara put me up for a few nights in her hometown of henstedt-ulzburg, outside hamburg. i spent an inspiring sojourn in barbara’s studio/guestroom. sharing someone’s life for a while can be so uplifting.