drawing | abundance {calm part II}

i've been rummaging through my studio contents abundantly, to the point i've probably thrown out too much stuff, and i'll be sorry for it. it is however that kind of mood / mode i've been in. unearthing new abundance by getting rid of the dregs. 
my homemade gelli plate abruptly broke apart after my last usage, whereupon i noticed serious moulding going on, despite the preserving glycerine and sugar. i shall have to look into upgrading my recipe, or acquire a shop bought plate. 
i'd love to say i'm free wheelin' soft cuttin' away and having fun but, boy is this labour, or what? convinced as i was i was going to cut and carve one-two-three and hey, presto has had me in chuckles; and in tongue in cheek behaviour; and in right fits.

notes from a soft-cut novice : keep the design simple and then simplify that design {i didn't}, study other people's designs till your eye hurts, let hand rest now and then, always keep positive and negative well in mind, don't mess up. by ALL means, mess up! ☺

chances are i'm letting the print making rest a little. i find it to be distractive of my other plans {read: focus} and not necessarily contributive yet. wherever you are, stay safe. i'm wishing y'all a relaxing weekend. veronica gathers us in abundance, she sweet. ♥

drawing | calm part I

back to the drawing board. or rather, back on {train} board. i've been sketching the life out of me for sweet love-in-a-mist, trying out different angles, finally coming up with a design that satisfies me enough to work out on a soft cut.  

DC | a deer {under blood red skies}

in loving memory of victims of terrorism. whether paris, sina├», beirut, baghdad, bujumbura, madrid, london, new york; 
syria, russia, US, france, northern ireland, norway, ... 
the world. 
ALL of us. 

i got carried away while printing, before the mouldy gelli plate kicked the bucket. more on reasons to be cheerful, next week.
tammie's linky DC here

drawing | liminal

my temporary fulltime occupation points out to me perhaps the most valuable lesson in life so far: time = money. 

in which it's all about houses indeed

i didn't get to buy lino blocks in the shop last weekend. all the more time to adress exhibition preps. 
i got going early sunday morning and chose to draw again the orangerie, a suburban beauty next a fishing pond in the borough of viane.

order, please!

i talked about drawing houses. in the run-up to next spring's town exhibition, i will be drawing local public houses, some of them standing today, some of them gone. i am also planning on one bigger piece, pulling all that i want to show together. 

drawing | cover {the great leap forward}

a sure crackle in the air last week suggests winter time stands confident, waiting to make a great leap forward. i realize how lucky we are seeking and finding relatively easy cover from the imminent cold, in these dire times of global human migration. i realize i am spoiled having to worry only about pulling my sweater a little tighter, having a roof over my head. i'm keeping hope for safe deliverance for all. 

heart and soul

today has been a good day. today has been a sad day, and a good day. i cried some, i had to. and through this, i breathed. and then i had a piece of sachertorte. in fact, i had two, and shared some with a close friend. now i know i will keep on breathing. but isn't it ironic: my studio is up to scratch, now i am not.

drawing | pot

whenever it's been a long time coming, blogging, i am elated when i open my dashboard and exercise my palm and fingers, much in a way tom hanks does in YOU'VE GOT MAIL, when he advises meg ryan to go to the matresses... remember? heavenly bit.

drawing | skin

when you look at skin from close up, the surface is gently dented in with pattern. i dallied some, on the idea of skin design.

who doesn't like to {imaginary} colour in a hidden message? the message is in here, right above!.... i've fallen short of online presence, but then i've been in good company this weekend. carole and doug send their love !! thank you all for playing ariane{sharmon}luciakatrinveronicastefanietammiecitlallijoericpatrice, i'll be popping over later today. 
carole and i were thinking off and on about skin. last night, we reached out, skin on skin, as a symbol too, of our online and live connections, worldwide. hello, everyone!