corner view ≈ in my experience

there's a belgian seaside town cradling moods past in such a groundhog way i'd like to bid adieu, assuming it's the sensible thing to do. drumming up nostalgia however, i am caught up in sandy dunes, wet sands and sea noise. mainly though, memories

corner view ≈ walk of my dreams

any place is a much favoured walk. an urban skyline will seduce me, yes, while wavy dry reed along the creek will stop me in my tracks and send me half lyrical. i always forget how connected i feel as i walk, as i wander. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting. 

drawing | {bread} toast!

the myth of bread! how it is, in al its crusty yumminess, the fiend on anyone's diet. by which i don't mean to say i'm on a diet. no-ho! but since granola became my best morning and pre-lunch mate, i knock out at least one bread meal a day, for which i'm not sorry. 'cos when i say i love my bread, i depreciate. i'd kill for crust, once i put my mind to it.

corner view ≈ favourite plate

after savouring a few articles on the art of making granola {of which you'll find just one here}, i dared making my own. it took me two bakes only to understand the business of making granola is a serious one. and then the liberty to engineer yourself sweet and savoury! even my son-of-the-non-granola-league approved. hungry for granola now? read this and you'll run for your cupboard oat & co. if we're talking favourite plates however, hands down: mussles and belgian fries. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting.

drawing | matchbox

♪♫♫ learned how to get along ♫ ♪♪ has more to do with matchboxes than you would think at first hearing. let's start with the fact that the town i live in has a thing with matchsticks and matchboxes. like, a huge thing. CITE UNAL is an uptown area littered with comely scandinavian and belgian designed villas, at the time built to accomodate international union match staff. 

corner view ≈ twinkle {dreams and wishes}

i do hope y'all made a twinkling start to 2015. maybe you have made a few new year's resolutions? may you move closer to your dreams, for making dreams come true is one of the main purposes in life. i believe our dreams are the cherries on the cake, and we should not always leave them for last {speak for myself}; we should move right in. 


ultimately, staying connected is what drives me. even if the promise of slipping between clean, fresh sheets at midday does appeal. as does a stiff G&T. new year's resolutions? i guess not. a brandishing start and a helluva' soaring crash down. do you ever feel a young adult in the house stifles you? 

december magic ~ # dec 31

here it is, last day of the year. my river {blog} is running dry {last update on january, 1st}
i'm wishing you all a wonderful end of year and a spectacular new beginning. 
thank you for having followed here my december magic
what can i say? i ran out of "y" and so my message comes out all welsh. never mind. ♥  
{# dec 31 part of december magic}.

re ~ dec # 30

 enjoy this. it's pure magic. both music and graphics.
 {# dec 30 part of december magic}

x-mas blues ~ dec # 29

i took down the original heavy shelf and put up two lighter versions, one snug to the other. then, since i did not put up a christmas tree, i decided to inaugurate those shelves with x-mas tinsel & cards. see if you recognize any... ♥

 {# dec 29 part of december magic}.