drawing | vein {or a thing about trees}

i read, and acted out on, THE ARTIST'S WAY, in the nineties. i remember loving every step of the way, and cursing those d*** morning pages. did it change my way to go about my creative perspectives and evolution? i doubt it. but to this day it does have a lingering effect on me. for that i'm grateful to the author, and to myself, for being persistent and consistent. in peaks and valleys.

corner view ≈ homemade

scrumptious little fruitcake, fresh from the oven. oh, and it is dead easy to make. all you need is a little time on your hands, but you can do plenty other things in the kitchen while you are making this cake. to find out about nigella's recipe... {jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, tera's theme.}

drawing | shoo! the february blues

february light by nature is sparse and should be swallowed by the buckets full on the few sunny days we’re getting. that's where you'll find me on sundrenched afternoons, when winter's days turn golden round the edges. 'cause, oh precious nature, resurfacing like a whale from marine darkness, tall like a shadow scooting about, in between barren trees... wait... a shadow? scooting?

.... that i'm feeling....(bob marley) |  jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, kari's theme

drawing | gala dinner

once upon a time there was a little boy, who sat listening to a story, told by miss agatha. miss agatha read from a big, big book, that hid half of her face. in fact, only her eyes were visible from above the rim of the book. the party of children listened to the story unfolding, but the boy, he listened most intensely. he waited. and waited some more, for he knew the moment would come. the moment when the words would roll from miss agatha's fiery red mouth {which remained well hidden}. that fine moment when he would become...

die fischefrauen's gala dinner. i wonder who'll be there? 

corner view ≈ poem

loose words become a poem. or not. i haven't written a poem for a long time. looking back upon my 2013 daily-poem-spell, i now understand its shortcomings : poetry needs reflection. a poem needs adjusting and digesting, before it may shine. i have a year's worth of revision lying in wait for my forgiving eye. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, joanne & ibb's theme. 

drawing | the unexpected

did you google 'expect the unexpected'? i did. ☺ even though i look forward to the unexpected on a daily basis, i wondered about the others, i did. judging from the google wall, oscar wilde would be so proud of our universal diligence on the subject of the unexpected.

corner view ≈ in my experience

there's a belgian seaside town cradling moods past in such a groundhog way i'd like to bid adieu, assuming it's the sensible thing to do. drumming up nostalgia however, i am caught up in sandy dunes, wet sands and sea noise. mainly though, memories

corner view ≈ walk of my dreams

any place is a much favoured walk. an urban skyline will seduce me, yes, while wavy dry reed along the creek will stop me in my tracks and send me half lyrical. i always forget how connected i feel as i walk, as i wander. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting. 

drawing | {bread} toast!

the myth of bread! how it is, in al its crusty yumminess, the fiend on anyone's diet. by which i don't mean to say i'm on a diet. no-ho! but since granola became my best morning and pre-lunch mate, i knock out at least one bread meal a day, for which i'm not sorry. 'cos when i say i love my bread, i depreciate. i'd kill for crust, once i put my mind to it.