drawing | 6 and 7

uh-hoh. sixes and sevens... starting with animals....

how shall we tackle this six and seven, if not for its dates? ghent playing cards?

i'm sure i had a plan, but when i opened up my cards box this morning...

i found more than i bargained for, all in the spirit of 6 and 7

without really wanting nor having to make my hands dirty... 

i ended up in another card domino game with animals. i'll say.  ♥

PS - i've tried the linky business, but it hasn't worked.... i'll pop back regularly and link everyone that's blogged in colour type below.
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DRAWING CHALLENGE NEW THEME | 6 and 7 {sixes and sevens}

i first 'mis'heard the expression {of sixes and sevens} when julie covington conquered the world in her fragile 'don't cry for me, argentina'-voice. were you lost in that world of power and deceit? i hummed that complete musical well into the eighties, i was smitten! 

drawing | 森林浴

dear, dear viewer. i will call on your imagination this weekend. all the best objectives ordained, multiple house chores, late sales and food shopping, cooking & relaxing are standing between me and the forest this sunday of relative freedom.

drawing | reef

the design of reef in my opinion comes close to my all time favorite of wrought iron design: lines and curves that flow and float. i pushed my luck on paul auster's novel (brooklyn follies) p. 164, which didn't do it for me. the reading, i mean. 

rhythm {reprise}

when i look back at my rhythm contribution of march 2011, having just moved into our house, writing my blogposts from a make do table under the skylight window in a room that has since become my bedroom... well, life looked very different then. 

thank you, mr. gorey

okay. edward gorey. our cartoon teacher has ofttimes requested our likes in cartoon land. i never reached beyond billy bunter, or charlie brown & co. but now i'm set. now, i'm all ears, or rather eyes!


i see it's snowing in germany. so send on over some snow white crystals if you please. am (almost) dying for wanting some: to roll in, to gaze at, to freeze in and thaw again, to new moods and expectations. 

hurried, though 2016 here to stay

i think so. 2016 is here to stay. i felt it this morning, as i waded my way through grass and fens. 

old 2015 blues here

i've not been writing. i've not been drawing. i've tried to do house things, rummage, clean, cook. neither of all that succeeded much. i'm missing snow. mosquitoes aren't dying. it's a topsy turvy world and for once i don't want to feel bad about climate change, if ever.

layers of gold...

... to be gazed at in places of worship...