all geared up ~ dec # 21

... and ready for the dance they are. just a tad on the early side. {# dec 21 part of december magic}.

give money! ~ dec # 20

{# dec 20 part of december magic}♥ dress box instructions. 

epic ~ dec # 19

when the cutting areas are too tiny for snips even, the explanation too sparse for words, and the parts, however teeny weeny cute, too incomprehensible to assemble, we have ourselves a fail. {# dec 19 part of december magic}.

the odd one out ~ dec # 18

if the woman can't go to big ben, 

then little ben must come visit the woman. 

it was much harder {and fiddlier} than i ever thought it could be.... ☺ {# dec 18 part of december magic}.

corner view ≈ bath and shower | dec # 17

on and off i have been talking about renovating the house, and more specifically, the bathroom shower..
i have deliberately not shown too much of my labour, because often an early show backfires. so i worked diligently {read : desperately} and am finally at a stage where even the grout is finding its gritty place.
thank heavens for deadlines : my plumber came over to install the shower head bar the handle for i accidentally threw out the mounting bits.... arggrh. TO BE CONTINUED 
so. for now. shower {still} closed for x-mas decorations...  jane's corner view, francesca's hosting. 
also {# dec 17 part of december magic}

it's in the face, pt 2 ~ dec # 16

i talked about these damsels before, mentioning i would get back to them. well, here i am. i dusted and united them, whether they were happy about it, or not. that's why some of 'em pull faces, lady-grantham-style. ☻ {# dec 16 part of december magic}

how would you like your dowager countess ~ dec # 15

i got round to cutting out the dowager countess's many heads & collaged together her ever changing moods with cut out letters. i also had a ball while doing so. lady grantham will be most pleased to change heads, do you think?  {# dec 15 part of december magic}

in the fold ~ dec # 14

hang a few lanterns around the house. it's an easy fold. i stamped some and ... 

i decorated my one plant. no, actually, i have one more mother's-in-law-tongue, in another pot. i have no mother-in-law. ☻ 
{# dec 14 part of december magic}

when mr. en mrs. p. come to town... ~ dec # 13

i agree. they were cut out quite roughly around the edges. truth is, i was distracted some while cutting these out, a little hurried even. and a lot more slap-dash than a penguin'll ever be. {# dec 13 part of december magic}

amazing marvellous ~ dec # 12

tiny rabbit went to town. on his trip he stumbled upon a gathering of words, while a vintage VW added to his excitement. the tiny frame was painted last summer. the words were found in d.h. lawrence's THE WOMAN WHO RODE AWAY{# dec 12 part of december magic}