calling you

finding balance is a cause well worth aiming for, as we work and relax, while we eat and drink, when we decide to do nothing at all and hopefully fall prone to boredom. don't you just love being bored? great things happen when we're bored : nothing-at-all!

a blank pocket of time can save our lives. when in the luxury of not knowing what to do {yes, luxury!}, we tune into a zone of well being too, because we let our mind wander, we may not {try to} control for once, and we may start breathing again. 

i'm having trouble with my neck, my non-dominant wrist and now my back. it seems to me i am building up stress as i go along and i'm trying to figure out what it is that sets me back, all while entertaining the luxury of having both work tension and down time to relax.

while fully conscious of the above and cautious about the interaction between my body and the workings of my mind, the balance seems to tip rather unfavourably towards physical disharmony, which i don't understand. i mean, i feel okay. my body expresses differently.  

do you experience similar instabilities, i wonder? how do you go about them? to get me out of static poses while drawing e.g., or tapping the keyboard for too long, i am using a 25' timer. do you have useful tips and tricks to disconnect from work tension? glad to hear it! ♥

drawing | meditation

closeby is a walk i favour. it leads to the baronie, now a rest home for the elderly. a quiet place indeed. and lovely, and green.
the drawing challenges of the past i enjoyed most were the ones where a quirky element sided up with dots and line drawing. and really it takes me straight back into my childhood days, where lines and circles and dots were also prominent. it is for life, i figure.

a collection of drawings in progress
lately, and since i'm preparing for the local spring exhibition, this excessive repetition pushes to become a trademark, and one i cling to for good measure, for it brings me calm and joy while spending my time laboriously and feeling grounded for it. 

table big enough to hold both the movie player and drawing paper, and still have space
yes, a meditation-of-sorts, an introvert experience anyway. albeit in the company of voices, whether a radio play or one or other series i listen to rather than watch. sotto voce, so to speak. tammie's DC theme this weekend. enjoy your days.... 

drawing | pink horse {trying}

what with entering another online, virtual community, the risk of not seeing the wood for the trees is imminent. i've actually gone and bought a smart phone to connect to the world this summer, as i travel, and of course now : distracted by its tinsel. 

play us a slow song

i realise i'm not showing much of my drawing going on. there are simple reasons for not doing so: i simply cannot publish here before it appears... there. i have created a new pinterest board however, where i will let grow 'my' homes collection. bear with me on that. 

an old fashioned blog post

like those in the beginning. coming up with just about anything, about anything. or how we evolved as blogpost writers, prodding along. going with the feckless flow, and then some. sitting back, relaxing, dreaming. at times doing naff all, for the muse to feel welcome.

drawing | leap

any time is a good time to brag about socialism, lest we grow sour and dour. there, that's probably the first and last time i come up absolute about my position in politics on an otherwise neutral and usually straight creative blog. but then veronica is giving us a leap.

drawing | halfway metamorphosis {please hover}

our first time metamorphosis was hosted by rose ariane also! let's have a look at what we are talking about four years down the road... and although i started out doubting the challenge, an early morning pinterest walk got me inspired. 

drawing | cocoon {winter cycle}

when to bed, curling up in a tiny pool of warm sheets and soft bedding, atop a well comfortable mattress, i feel in sheer heaven. indulging in that trusted mass of cotton, wool and expectation is a thing to look forward to every night. 

drawing | where the ♥ is, and also rather a few "anyway's"

every year, for many years, my mr. valentine has no inkling as to behind which door i'm at, for he's passed my house repeatedly, with little hope of a return. it sounds bleak, but don't let my blab fool you! i love my mr. valentine {unknown}, and one day, yeah? 

drawing | 6 and 7

uh-hoh. sixes and sevens... starting with animals....