warning: confused post

the river spree
hello from berlin. i'm here, and not here. i'm using old photos to show you where we're at. i am a free person, walking the free earth, and enjoying it. i am thankful. 

i am also confused, very confused. i know just a tiny bit about politics. i know that a democracy works, and i see that a tyranny doesn't. yet the world has many derivatives to political systems that suppress. 

brandenburger tor & trabant vintage cars
i am standing at the brandenburger tor, and we may grab a trabant and go back in time, in style. and this place carries a past that is heavy. this city is free, and it feels free. and open. that's reassuring. 

mosaic in hackesche höfe neighbourhood
and i realize that we need to fight for our world as we know it to remain as good as it is. right now. we need to fight for our rights. we cannot ignore our freedom, we must not accept terror. 

Reichstag , way down from top op glass building
every time a bomb goes off, i die a little. although i'm not dead, i die. if you, fellow human being, wishes me dead, then i die. and that's not a life to live. and i don't know how to handle terror. 

in all honesty and despair. we must. carry on. have a good week ♥ 

on the home as home (and on being away from home)

oyster farm, nieuwpoort
i love it when things fall into place. in the home, i often dream of complete empty surfaces, but usually stuff is laying on it, and then some. if in the mood, i let it ALL hang. 

seaside, nieuwpoort
until i get to a point where i scoop up and get going, like a mister proper whirlwind popping out of its genius bottle. the result to that often equals great satisfaction. clear head, peace of mind.

yeah, well. we're not there yet. i've been sailing betwixt studio time, walking, resting and preparing a long weekend away. to berlin. just wanted to share that. once more: b-e-r-l-i-n. sounds so.... edible.

okay, this is a traditional butcher's add, one who actually loves animals, still... it's a butcher; nieuwpoort
well, a few workdays ahead and trying to round up on things, and listing up that luggage list, and kissing the home bye-byes and hopping on trains, and missing home (naturally) and anticipating. 

jetty, nieuwpoort
but of course, and as usual, i'll bring back memories, and photos, and inspiration, i gather. and so the days will fly, and so will barbara, and ariane and patrice. ladies. close now. 

don't you just LOVE summertime??? have a glorious week ahead.  ♥